The Same-day Crown

The Same-day Crown pictures Digital Crown   shown below were taken for one patient as we built her a new crown and installed it. She was in the office about 3 hours.

Prepping the tooth.

Dr. Florence prepares to drill.

Drilling the old tooth to make a base for the crown.

The Sirona computer makes a 3D image from the x-ray.

Taking more pictures.

3D image of tooth.

Blue line is an outline of where the crown will sit.

Tooth rotated in 3D space.

Rotated again.

The Sirona Cerec 3 computer operated milling machine.

Ceramic post used that will be milled for the crown.

The Cerec 3 uses high water and high speed drills.

Drilling away unwanted ceramic.

Little by little the crown forms.

Almost done.

Instruments ready for the work.

The final product.

Applying the cement.

Ready to be placed on tooth.